Giraffe Greta crochet pattern

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Unlike her peers, Greta is blue, why nobody knows, but she feels gorgeous just the way she is.

When finished, it will be approx. 20 cm/ 8 inches tall.

You should have a little crochet experiences to crochet the giraffe.

needed knowledge:

ch chain
sc single crochet
st slip stitch
mc magic circle
dec decrease
inc increase

needed materials:

* 50 g medium blue
* left overs in brown
* a pair of security eyes, about about 2 cm/ 0,5 inches (you can eg by them via amazon)
* stuffing

needed equipment:

* hook no 11/C
* darning needle
* scissors

Gauge: 26 stitches * 24 rows = 10* 10 cm/ 4*4 inches
I used Schachenmayr Catania (2, fine).
Greta will become about 20 cm/ 8 inches tall, when crochet.

The crochet giraffe may be sold, if you add the suitable link and a note: "Crochet after an instruction of masche-fuer-masche!".
The pattern may not be sold, gifted, passed on or otherwise be published, not even in a translated way.
Any question left? Just send me an Email,, I do always like to help.
!!! This is the pattern to crochet the toy, not the ready crochet part!!!!


Einstelldatum: 25. April 2020

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Sprache: English

Kategorie: haekeln/amigurumis-tiere



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