Decke "Sternenregen" / Blanket "Falling Stars"

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Please note, this is a digital pattern, not a physical item!

With this pattern you can crochet a beautiful blanket with loads of stars. The blanket is built from individual hexagonal elements, and can therefore be varied in size as desired. You can crochet a large blanket, a baby blanket, or even a cushion.

The pattern includes a written description of the individual rounds, as well as chrochet charts.

The pattern can be followed easily also by beginners, it contains many pictures for better understanding. It is not necessary to be able to read the crochet chart (but if you can, it might help you), because each step is also described in writing.

The following stitches are used: Magic ring, chain stitch, slip stitch, single crochet, double crochet.

The individual stars have a diameter of about 7.5 cm (ca. 3 inch). The finished blanket, which is shown in the pictures, has a total size of 2.05 m x 1.80 m (6,73 feet long and 5,90 feet wide). Since the elements are crocheted separately, the blanket can be enlarged or reduced in size as desired. Also use other wool is possible without restrictions.

The following material and tools are needed:

- Crochet hook 2.5 mm
- sewing needle
- scissors

Wool used: Lana Grossa Merino superfine "Cool Wool" (100% wool, weight: 50g, length: approx. 160 m) in the colors black (0433), dark red (0514), sun yellow (2085), coral/orange (2060)

Required quantity for a 2.05 m x 1.80 m blanket (6,73 feet long and 5,90 feet wide) (this quantity also includes the border!)

- Black: 15 balls
- Dark red:13 balls
- Coral: 11 balls
- Sun yellow: 8 balls

Required quantities per star (here the border must be added, the quantity depends on the size of the blanket):

- Black: 300 cm / 118 inch
- Dark red: 285 cm / 112 inch
- Coral/Orange: 240 cm / 95 inch
- Yellow: 235 cm / 93 inch

You may sell blankets/cushions made with this pattern, as long as you have made them by yourself and mention me as designer of the pattern. You are not allowed to sell the pattern, further distribute it or publish it (also not parts of it).


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