fish and co. nursery mobile crochet pattern

von masche-fuer-masche

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Lots of fish and co. Whether as a mobile, as a bathroom decoration or just a fish, they are both alone
and together and very beautiful on their own.

This is the instruction for the yellow fish, the seahorse, the octopus, the crab, the whale and the turtle. Also an explanation of how a mobile can be made from this.

The manual is 29 pages long and contains almost 50 photos as an explanation.

A few crochet skills should be available.

needed knowledge

ch chain
sc single crochet
dc slip stitch
mc magic circle
hdc half double crochet
dc double crochet
dec decrease
inc increase
- indicates a new row/ round

needed equipment:

* hook no 12/ C
* darning needle
* scissors
* glue
* some pins, if at hand

Needed materials:

* wale 50g turquoise (397) leftovers in white, black, schwarz, jeans (164)
* crab 50g strawberry (258), leftovers in white and coral (410)
* squid 50g bourdeaux (394), leftovers in white, black and lavender (422)
* turtle leftovers in greenery (418), christmas tree (419), may green (389), black and white
* seahorse 50g mint 385, leftovers in denim (421) and jade (253)
* yellow fish leftovers in vanilla (403), sun (208) and white
* 16 black half breads, about 1,2 cm/ 0,5 inches diameter
* some leftovers of light and dark green felt for the algae
* if you want to do a nursery mobile you need an embroider frame, about 20 cm/ 8 inches diameter
* some toothpicks and some wooden picks if you don´t want to do a nursery mobile

Gauge: 24 stitches * 22 rows = 10* 10 cm/ 4* 4 inches (Schachenmayr Catania)
The fishes will become between 10 to 15 cm/ 4 to 6 inches tall.

The crochet fishes may be sold, if you add the suitable link and a note: "Crochet after an instruction of masche-fuer-masche!".
The pattern may not be sold, gifted, passed on or otherwise be published, not even in a translated way.
Any question left? Just send me an Email,, I do always like to help.


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