Tim and Tom the mini cats crochet pattern

von masche-fuer-masche

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Tim and Tom are two fun-loving cats who like to explore the whole world.
In the evening they enjoy lying together in their armchair in front of the fireplace and relax by the crackling fire.

With a little patience, a beginner should be able to crochet them.

needed knowledge:

ch chain
sc single crochet
st slip stitch
mc magic circle
hdc half double crochet
dc double crochet
tc triple crochet
dec decrease
inc increase
db double
sk skip

needed equipment:

hook no 12/ C
darning needle

needed materials:

beige cat:

left overs in beige, rust and black

rust cat:

leftovers in rust, beige and brown

for both cats:

four black half beads, about 8 mm/ 0,3 inches

Gauge: 24 stitches 22 rows = 10 10 cm/ 4* 4 inches (Schachenmayr Catania)
The cat will become about 10 cm/ 4 inches long.

The crochet cats may be sold, if you add the suitable link and a note: "Crochet after an instruction of masche-fuer-masche!".
The pattern may not be sold, gifted, passed on or otherwise be published, not even in a translated way.
Any question left? Just send me an Email, masche-fuer-masche@outlook.de, I do always like to help.
!!! This is the pattern to crochet the toy, not the ready crochet part!!!!


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